YouTube’s New Video Editor

YouTube Video EditorYouTube has developed a rudimentary, yet effective video editor. It can do pretty basic cuts, fades, audio, titles and video processing on the fly and in the cloud.

This is not, of course, for advanced non-linear video editing. In fact, for users of Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, the lack of control and customization you have will frustrate you to no end.

However, from a basic editing and direct-publishing-to-YouTube perspective, it is rather effective. The other terrific thing about the editor is any video that has been uploaded to YouTube and given a creative commons license is available for you to search and add to your video. There is, also, license-free music available.

So, if you are out shooting on the fly and you want to rapidly do some quick edits and direct-publish to YouTube this is the editor for you. Below is a video I made using only creative commons video and license-free music on YouTube’s video editor.

Check it out!


Final Grades:

Ease-Of-Use – A

Editor Control – D

Intuitiveness – B

Web-Friendliness – A

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