Video Page Updates

Casey Braun reporting for mtvUNew sample clips are up on the Video page. I’ve added two packages from my work as a campus dispatch correspondent for mtvU.

Both of these packages are a hybrid of reporting and satire, where all of the facts are presented in an entertaining and comedic manner.

The inspiration for the “mood” of these pieces came from my time at TV2 KSU’s The Agenda, a weekly satire/comedy show I was fortunate enough to host for a year.

An Agenda episode without commercials also appears on the Video page.

Other samples of my services include a newscast I produced, a video tutorial for Adobe Premiere demonstrating my teaching skills and a promotional video story told with stills and audio.

More clips are always on the way. I have been very lucky to have attended a school with such a strong media program. I was given many opportunities to create quality projects.

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