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Word CloudI think there is real value in everyone’s beliefs. As someone who spends a great deal of time hiring and working with employees, I deal with a fair amount of typical job-hunting rhetoric like “I’m a hard worker,” or “Everyone’s always said I’m responsible.” That’s all well and good. But when I hire someone, I really want to know who they are. In a nutshell, I look for raw honesty.

There is, therefore, value in writing a “This I Believe” essay. You may not want to necessarily send yours to an employer. But writing an essay purely stating your beliefs or something you believe in is not only therapeutic but it’s a journey in self-discovery. The one I wrote about some personal and professional beliefs was so revealing to me that I put in on my homepage. Again, I’m not suggesting you do that.

What I am suggesting is take a moment to review the NPR guidelines for writing an essay of this nature. Take a moment, clear your mind and just write you. Who knows? You may find something out.

And by the way, I thoroughly enjoy word clouds. I just think they’re interesting. Try pasting your “This I Believe” essay into a window and generate a cool word cloud for your site or for fun! Mine appears at the top of this post and on the front page.

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    Posted by: Leslie Sigal Javorek • Date: Monday, November 12, 2012 4:30pm
    The post below comes from Casey Braun, the son of Steve and Sue Braun (very dear friends of ours and our own son’s God-Parents). I’ve re-blogged this particular post because it’s just some excellent advice for those seeking jobs – as well as for everyone else! IMHO, it is vital that we each stand for something – something that defines who we are and gives purpose to our life. The essay that Casey recommends is something that I personally believe should be repeated every year – to remind us who we are – and to see how we’ve grown (or strayed).

  2. Serious synchronicity! Everything I’ve read over the past ten days or so has begged me to write from my heart, which I haven’t been doing for several months or more. Excellent and inspiring post!

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