The Rules of Netiquette

netiquetteAn Internet “whoops” that made headlines recently was Mark Zuckerberg’s own sister, Randi, feeling her privacy was violated when a friend of one of her Facebook friends downloaded and reposted a what-Randi-thought-was-private picture on Twitter.

Ms. Zuckerberg replied to the tweeter with the following: “Not sure where you got this photo. I posted it to friends only on FB. You reposting it to Twitter is way uncool.”

The tweeter apologized and said she is one of Zuckerberg’s subscribers and the image showed up in her newsfeed and seemed public. Zuckerberg called the situation an example of bad etiquette. When it reality, probably got it right with its interpretation…


Randi’s tweet post-crisis seemed slightly off-base to some disgruntled Facebook users. But I think this goes deeper than personal etiquette and privacy settings. It comes down to being responsible for your image.

I think this serves as a terrific warning for everyone who posts photos, videos or what have you on any type of social networking or personal website. Those trying to build a professional web presence need to be incredibly watchful of what they post online. Social networking sites become less and less private with each new policy change upon which we quickly click “agree” so we can finish posting our Christmas party photos.

Thanks to this recent well publicized mishap, I stumbled upon a book I think will be a wonderful investment for anyone looking to build a professional web presence: Julie Spira’s The Rules of Netiquette.

It has already received much praise from industry professionals. In a nutshell, the text advises basic and advanced users of social networking and the web on how to surf and post wisely.

You can visit the book’s website to learn more, get free advice and find out when the book is scheduled to hit shelves.

I just wish it had been ready for this holiday season. It would have made a terrific stocking stuffer!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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