The Importance of Finding Voice

Writing True CoverThe distinct difference in the quality of a piece proper voice can have is astonishing. There are many tools to help writers find voice. One of the most important tools is simply practicing writing.

However, books like Perl and Schwartz’s Writing True can help writer’s, students or other professionals find their voice for creative nonfiction or business and professional writing. I’ll detail a little of what you’ll find in Perl and Schwartz’s chapter on finding voice.

Readers can be, as Perl and Schwartz say, completely “turned off” by a certain voice. Writers of creative nonfiction must ensure they do not come off as know-it-alls, pompous, opinionated or loud-mouthed. There must be a balance, often, between several voices to make the writing of true events “seem true.”

Voice, however, does not come automatically or easily. A writer must go through multiple drafts over time to find what will work with the story he or she is telling. One of the most important balances Perl and Schwartz say must be found is that between the voice of innocence and the voice of experience. Sometimes, to convey the proper tone and mood of the setting and events, you must right like your former self. Similarly, sometimes it is necessary to include a snatch of dialogue to put readers in the situation effectively.

All of these factors are part of experimenting with and finding the right voice for whichever piece of creative nonfiction one wishes to write. In order to sound “genuine and trustworthy” and show the real person behind the words, an author must show their unique perspective using a strong voice.

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