Two Standards for Libel Law: Still a Good Idea

With fragmentation of the media and new methods of contributing to the marketplace of ideas appearing constantly, a question was posed to me in my law class: “Given the access to a global audience provided by the internet, is there still a reason to have two fault standards in libel cases, based on whether the plaintiff is a private person or a public official/figure?”

It’s really an intriguing question. The Internet provides a virtually limitless, open forum for anyone to say anything they wish. However, this “openness” and availability of space for anyone to post their beliefs or, in this case, rebuttals to libelous statements does not, by any stretch, equivocate the public figure to the common man.

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Thoughts on Changes in Copyright Law

Moore et al. book coverOpinion drawn from readings in Moore et al. Advertising and Public Relations Law (pictured left).

The purpose of copyright law is to recognize the contribution of the creator or creators of original works and provide them with protection, thereby encouraging citizens to contribute to the arts (Moore et al., 171). I have a unique perspective on copyright law as I often compose original music and literary works that are published and performed in the public sphere. While modern technology has certainly made violating copyright law simple and easy-to-get-away-with, I do not believe Congress should repeal or alter copyright law to make it more lenient.

Making copyright law more lenient because people can easily download material is like arguing to remove all speed limits on highways because most everyone goes at least five miles-per-hour greater than the posted speed. Laws are in place to prevent people from being harmed (e.g. OVI laws). Similarly, copyright law prevents creators from being harmed, be it financially or morally if the integrity of their work is compromised.

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You Have to Be a Creator AND Think Like a Marketer

With more media entities and practitioners offering up content for public consumption, the best professionals are thinking of how best to market their content and create it.

I’ve had many conversations with colleagues about how to best market our product at TV2. It can be a real challenge. With our model of being an educational learning laboratory and a business, we have an odd balance to strike internally. It takes a very special management team to achieve that balance.

Often, marketing will be the last thought on anyone’s mind after we finally get a quality product on-air and online and have a staff of happy, trained students.

But that is not necessarily the best way to go about content marketing.

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Five Things Media Practitioners Can Be Thankful For

TV2 Thanksgiving Cover PhotoOn a personal level, I have too many things to list for which I am thankful. Definitely the top three are my wonderful parents, friends and, of course, the love of my life, Sarah. To see the ten things I am most thankful for see my Gallery page.

However, on a professional level, there are five things I know I am thankful for and hope all media practitioners are thankful for this holiday.

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YouTube’s New Video Editor

YouTube Video EditorYouTube has developed a rudimentary, yet effective video editor. It can do pretty basic cuts, fades, audio, titles and video processing on the fly and in the cloud.

This is not, of course, for advanced non-linear video editing. In fact, for users of Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, the lack of control and customization you have will frustrate you to no end.

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