If Trust is the Issue, Why Not Be Genuine?

While attending the 2014 YouToo Social Media Conference at Kent State University, it seemed one theme speakers kept touching on repeatedly was the importance of organizational-public trust.

However, it seems based on the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer and some other research from the Pew Center, trust is precisely the issue the general public has with institutions like business, media and government.

As all of the crisis communication theorists and professionals will reiterate, telling the truth is as vital for maintaining good business operation as paying the electric bill. In this age of social media, publics, and particularly millennials, will out organizations who are caught lying. The surest way to tear a relationship asunder is to lie.

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LinkedIn: ‘Class of 2013: Your Degree Doesn’t Mean Squat’

“Class of 2013: Your Degree Doesn’t Mean Squat” is the message Ilya Pozin, Founder of Ciplex, is professing in a LinkedIn article. He is not saying that earning a degree isn’t commendable. It is what a person does with the knowledge they’ve garnered from said degree that makes them worthwhile to a company.

If you think about it, a great number of people graduating from high schools these days are college-minded and college-bound. According to a 2009 Time article by Kristi Oloffson, a 2008 study found nearly 70% of high school graduates went on to college. The numbers have most likely incrementally risen in the past five years.

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PR Legal Case

I was recently asked to respond to a public relations legal case. The case read as follows:

“You are the public relations director for a small liberal arts university. Recently there have been some fights in campus dorms involving drunk students. The university is concerned about the number of students who are drinking and how their behavior is affecting the school’s image. The university wants to ask the city council to pass an ordinance [a law passed by a municipal government] prohibiting the use of a billboard on the edge of campus to advertise local drinking establishments. In other words, the ordinance would ban the advertising of bars on billboards. How might you advise the school’s president about the legal status of such an ordinance?”

I would advise the school’s president that pursuing that sort of legal action to combat advertising for bars downtown would not be a wise decision. In the legal action the bars would most likely bring against the city or university, the Central Hudson test would most likely be employed to determine whether or not the commercial speech in question is worthy of protection. I believe the commercial speech would pass the Central Hudson test.

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TV2 Honored as Station of the Year

TV2 Pinnacle AwardsI cannot express how humbled, grateful and thrilled all of us at TV2 are for our recent College Media Association awards: Best TV Sportscast and TV Station of the Year!

It’s been an absolutely rewarding and amazing experience serving as General Manager of TV2 and just having the opportunity to submit our work for consideration by terrific organizations like CMA and CBI.

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