Remembering Steve Jobs

Image Courtesy npbn

Image Courtesy: npbn

I’ve waited a bit to write this post. I wasn’t sure what to say. I think it is always important to remember innovators. One that touched my life in more ways than just with his technology was Apple Founder Steve Jobs.

To be to-the-point like Steve always was, there was perhaps no person I know of in my lifetime who contributed as much to as many people as Steve Jobs did. From his revolutionary products to his humanitarian lifestyle to his presentation secrets to his genuine interest in people, Steve will always be remembered. My only regret is never having gotten to meet him before his passing. Yet, I was just as shocked and saddened when he died as I would be for a member of my family.

I remember studying Steve’s Keynote addresses before I would have to present something. I still use techniques of his to this day. I manage a TV station, and I am always sure to exemplify his philosophies. Thank you, Steve, for everything you gave to me and to the world.

Certainly no one can tribute Steve as well as the company he started, Apple, did. So, embedded here is their video from October 5, 2012. Rest peacefully, Steve.

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