PowerPoint Problems? Give Prezi a Try!

How many times have you gone to present with PowerPoint and something just didn’t work? Whether it was a faulty transitions, a missing reference file or the image not fitting on the projector screen, PowerPoint is not as universal as it may seem.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Prezi! It’s a free presentation software available online that allows for custom backgrounds, animation, panning and zooming, direct media importing and more. It’s flash-based so it displayable on any computer operating system or Internet browser.

Admittedly, before I made my “7 Numbers” project, displayed here, I had never given Prezi a try. My girlfriend used it for every presentation she needed to make and always told me how great it was. I finally see the appeal.

Full disclosure, if you’re used to PowerPoint or Keynote like I was, it takes some getting used to. The controls and customizable features are arranged completely different from the presentation software with which we’re all familiar. (Thank goodness for Command+Z!) It’s hard to be raised on PPT and then migrate so late in life. But believe me, it’s worth the trip.

Oh, and by the way, if you have a PPT presentation you’re in love with, you can directly import it into Prezi and the site will convert it into a beautiful panning and zooming presentation.

I really enjoyed my time with Prezi and will be returning to it. My advice, don’t start using it on the day you need to make that big presentation. Play with it beforehand, and find out what it can do. If you want to embed your Prezi into a WordPress.com blog, there’s a step-by-step I made here.


Final Grades:

Ease-of-Use – B-

Editor Control – A

Intuitiveness from a PPT user perspective – C

Intuitiveness as a lifetime user – B

Web-Friendliness – A

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