Only Want One Gallery to Be a Mosaic? Here’s How!

So, at this point, you may have explored the cool, new mosaic gallery display WordPress is offering. It looks great, right? But what if you only want one gallery to adopt the new style? Have no fear! It’s easier than you think!

First, hover over “Settings” then click “Media” in your admin view. Then, un-tick the box next to the mosaic option. All of your galleries will now switch back to the classic style.

Now, WordPress allows you to edit the shortcode it automatically generates when you insert a gallery. So, once you insert your gallery, edit your post and switch to “Text” view. Then, within the shortcode brackets, add the following: type=”rectangular”

Your shortcode should now look something like this.

That command will bypass the traditional gallery display and allow your gallery to become a beautiful mosaic. You can, also, try the other two new views by typing “circle” or “square” instead of “rectangular.” Wonder if this actually works? I prove it in this blog. View my traditionally displayed gallery here and view a mosaic example here.

WordPress provides a step-by-step for making a gallery here. That page also has all the custom code commands you can enter. I took a screenshot and offer them below.

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