Election Coverage

TV2 Election Coverage Cover PhotoBe sure to tune in to award-winning TV2’s coverage of Election 2012 at 7:30 p.m. on Time Warner Cable Channel 2.2/16 or on TV2KSU.com in HD. The stream may be your best bet, as Time Warner has had audio problems with our channel.

We’ve prepared for more than a month for our coverage. We have reporters in Chicago, Boston, Columbus and all across Ohio covering every pertinent race.

This should be a night to remember on TV2. I’ll be directing the coverage from the Control Room in Franklin Hall and Miss Katy Coduto will be producing with Lauren Miller serving as the Executive Producer. (She’s been working her tail off, by the way!)

I must admit I kind of share the sentiment of this young lady below. Election coverage can be incredibly strenuous, but fun, at times.

It’s okay, kiddo. It’ll be over soon.

Have a great Election Day, everyone! Make sure you get out and vote!

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