CBI Atlanta Day 2

Downtown Atlanta at 10:00 a.m.A beautiful sunrise this morning! Not a cloud in the sky to darken the breath-taking view of downtown Atlanta from our hotel room window. Yesterday proved extremely useful, in terms of the information we took away from the sessions we attended.

I expect no less from today. We’ll be attending sessions on WordPress, management roundtable discussions, an anchor and reporter performance seminar and a session with tips on how to teach quality writing techniques on the fly.

Rich and I are both very excited and grateful for the day and more opportunities to bring back some new ideas for how to improve our college broadcasting medium!

Stick around and follow the blog for more live session updates! A whole bunch of sessions are on the radar for today and then, tomorrow, the keynote address from CNN’s Carol Costello and the award ceremony. In other words, we’ve got an exciting two days coming our way in Atlanta!

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