Election Coverage

TV2 Election Coverage Cover PhotoBe sure to tune in to award-winning TV2’s coverage of Election 2012 at 7:30 p.m. on Time Warner Cable Channel 2.2/16 or on TV2KSU.com in HD. The stream may be your best bet, as Time Warner has had audio problems with our channel.

We’ve prepared for more than a month for our coverage. We have reporters in Chicago, Boston, Columbus and all across Ohio covering every pertinent race.

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PowerPoint Problems? Give Prezi a Try!

How many times have you gone to present¬†with PowerPoint and something just didn’t work? Whether it was a faulty transitions, a missing reference file or the image not fitting on the projector screen, PowerPoint is not as universal as it may seem.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Prezi! It’s a free presentation software available online that allows for custom backgrounds, animation, panning and zooming, direct media importing and more. It’s flash-based so it displayable¬†on any computer operating system or Internet browser. Continue reading

Simply Soundslides

I’d always approached Soundslides with great skepticism. I didn’t understand why on Earth anyone would want to use Soundslides to create a photoessay when tools such as Final Cut, Premiere or, heck, even iMovie exist. Until I actually sat down in front of the program and explored what it could do, only then did I realize how valuable of a tool it can be.

For starters, it’s important to remember Soundslides wasn’t developed for users of programs like Premiere, Final Cut or Avid. It was developed to be an easy-to-use tool for photographers, journalists, students, educators, etcetera. In other words, it was meant for people who don’t often find themselves doing tons of video editing or web developing. While professionals certainly can use the program, it is aimed at a demographic that is less multimedia savvy. Continue reading