Three Questions to Answer Before the CEO Speaks

Tony Hayward

Image Courtesy: World Economic Forum

During a crisis is not the time to decide who should be speaking to media. Emphasis should be placed on the strategic messages that he or she will deliver to contribute to the overarching goal of recovery with an intact image.

However, too often organizations have no crisis plan in place and the first question the dominant coalition asks a public relations counselor during a crisis is “who will talk to the media?”

The danger of not having a clearly established plan in place, including who will talk to media and from whom that person will receive his or her information, is the hapless soul thrust in front of a camera may not have any media training or, worse yet, may seem disingenuous, unsympathetic or unintelligent. Continue reading

Simply Soundslides

I’d always approached Soundslides with great skepticism. I didn’t understand why on Earth anyone would want to use Soundslides to create a photoessay when tools such as Final Cut, Premiere or, heck, even iMovie exist. Until I actually sat down in front of the program and explored what it could do, only then did I realize how valuable of a tool it can be.

For starters, it’s important to remember Soundslides wasn’t developed for users of programs like Premiere, Final Cut or Avid. It was developed to be an easy-to-use tool for photographers, journalists, students, educators, etcetera. In other words, it was meant for people who don’t often find themselves doing tons of video editing or web developing. While professionals certainly can use the program, it is aimed at a demographic that is less multimedia savvy. Continue reading