Back to School

jmcA magnificent summer is coming to a close. This fall, I will be fully immersed in my public relations graduate study. I will be intensely studying theory, media relations and publicity this fall. I will publish updates to the blog here with different PR and media musings as I StumbleUpon (hah!) them in my classes.

This year, I am serving as a graduate assistant for Professors Gary Hanson and Susan Kirkman Zake. Both are brilliant journalism and multimedia instructors. I will be assisting Gary with online projects for his Broadcast Beat Reporting, Reporting Public Affairs and Be Smarter Than Your Phone courses. The latter is a brand new course he is developing this semester.

I am assisting Sue with another brand new course to Kent State, Multimedia Storytelling. I will be providing technical assistance and supplemental lessons to her students and the students of the other MMS instructors, John Bowen and Mark Turner.

My graduate assistantship assignments are a wonderful ways to fuse the skills I refined during my undergraduate career with the work I am planning to do in grad school.

I’m looking forward to another marvelous year at Kent State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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