Casey Braun Control Room

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Casey Braun has lived in Northeast Ohio for the last 24 years, during which time he has studied everything from music to theater to media.

By the time Casey graduated summa cum laude with a degree in electronic media production and writing from Kent State University, he had worked for four radio stations and two television stations.

He served in several management roles, including stints as Black Squirrel Radio news director and TV2 general manager, where he had the opportunity to frequently manage internal and external crises. His time as general manager earned TV2 the Pinnacle Award for TV Station of the Year from the College Media Association.

Casey Teaching Audio Capturing

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Currently, he is earning his master’s degree in public relations, focusing much of his study on digital tools, strategic planning and crisis management.

Casey is, also, an avid Save the Manatee supporter and believes in preserving endangered species for future generations.

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About Casey’s Blog

No organization is perfect. No organization is beyond reproach. In your lifetime, you will face a crisis where you work – be it internal, external, interpersonal, or company-wide – that has the potential to affect great change. While crises can be management’s worst nightmare, they can also be a company’s greatest opportunity.

This most noble facet of modern public relations, crisis communications, is often the reason people seek PR counsel in the first place. My goal is to have a dialogue about crisis communications with the hopes of helping organizations maintain optimal relationships with their publics.